about our facilities
To serve the needs of our global customer base, Miyabi Aromatics offers GMP-compliant facilities.

Certified GMP Manufacturer


Research and Development
A well-equipped R&D laboratory capable of:

Raw material sampling and testing
Packaging material evaluation
In-process testing and quality control
Comprehensive product stability testing
Conceptualize new blends and formulation
Monitor current cosmetic market
regulations in key countries

  RO Purified Water System
A water treatment system, using Reverse Osmosis (RO),
complete with multimedia filter and softener pre-treatment,
produces high quality RO water. The whole system circulates throughout the factory and is kept free of microbes by
pre-sterilization using UV before supply for production
and laboratory use.
  Manufacturing and Blending
Our manufacturing facility incorporates sanitary design of production equipment, comprising of stainless steel blending vessels. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used in manufacturing processes to ensure product consistency and good manufacturing practice.

We possess the know-how for cold process mixing where ingredients are not subjected to temperature change. To further ensure high quality products, our raw materials are stored at temperature-controlled conditions to maintain integrity and prevent deterioration.


Raw Materials Storage

Temperature-controlled Room & Cold Room Blending of Raw Materials Ensure High Quality Products
  Filling and Packaging
Our principal lines fill consumer-sized bottles (100mL – 1L)
and 20-Litre bulk containers.
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